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Watch | Yinka Ogunde, CEO Edumark on future of tech in Nigerian education sector

At TechPlus 2016 Conferences & Exhibitions held at The Eko Hotel & Suites in Lagos, Yinka Ogunde, CEO of Edumark Consult, spoke on tech trends in the Nigerian educational sector. In this interview with Elizabeth Edozie of Technology Times, Yinka Ogunde, CEO of Edumark, speaks on the future of technology in education and how technology […]

MOBILE | Meet Made-in-Nigeria smartphones

ade-in-Nigeria smartphones are dialling more numbers even with keen competition for the wallet of the nation’s growing mobile family. There is no doubt that smartphone brands by foreign tech companies dominate the Nigerian market, but Made-in-Nigeria brands are now entering to provide consumers refreshing options, features and pocket-friendly alternatives. There is no doubt that smartphone […]

Abdul-Hakeem Ajijola | Norms ‘to guide conduct in cyberspace’ underway

bdul-Hakeem Ajijola, the Nigerian cyber security expert who was named Commissioner at Global Commission for the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC) has told Technology Times that the body is developing norms to guide conduct on the Internet. Ajijola was recently named as part Commissioners for the Global Commission for the Stability of Cyberspace, says GCSC is […]

Innjoo Leap | World’s slimmest laptop hedges ‘power bank’ charging feature

  hen it comes to Nigeria market success, Innjoo, maker of world’s slimmest laptop, the Innjoo Leap, expect that its power bank charging feature can possibly keep it smiling to the bank. Few weeks after the launch of its first 6GB RAM powered device- the Innjoo Pro 2, Innjoo, Chinese technology company has just taken yet […]

#TTOutlook17 | National ID drives better consumer experience, IDC says

Babatunde Afolayan, Senior Research Analyst at International Data Corporation (IDC) MEA has told attendees at #TTOutlook17 in Lagos that technology users can count on identity management to deliver improved consumer experience. The IDC MEA exec says that “as technology continues to evolve, technology will rely on proper identity management to be able to develop itself […]