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Privacy of Nigeria Telecoms Users | Regulator’s perspective

By Professor Umar Danbatta T[/dropcap]echnological advances give insights into what constitutes consumer’s needs, wants and behaviours. Businesses collect data in order to deliver personalized services to meet consumers’ yearnings and behaviours. However, as technologies become more intelligent and intrusive, there is an increasingly higher risk of consumer’s personal data being misused or compromised. The Federal […]

Mobile Marketing | Communicating smartly with thumb generation

By Neelam Biirthare s soon as I was born; my parents posted my pictures on social media. All of a sudden I was a star on Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. The name of their family groups and friend groups changed to “New-Baby Born”, “Congratulations Eric”, on Hike, WhatsApp and WeChat. Inside my cradle, I […]

OPINION | Why every marketer should implement data-driven advertising

By Neelam Biirthare elying on instincts is a good natural trait, but when it comes to business, advertising and driving revenue; making decisions based on intuitions is a bad idea. Especially in an age of intellectual advertising where machine learning, predictive analysis, and granular targeting are redefining the way brands and marketers connect with the […]

GOOD NIGHT, FLO! | Tribute to Florence Omatule Seriki

By Yomi Soyinka ood night to a most indefatigable woman! An Amazon, my boss, my friend and my sister, your words were your bond, you were bold and fearless. You broke barriers. ‘No’ was not an answer, there was nothing like a shut door, just like nothing was impossible to achieve. You were a pioneer […]

Nigerian innovator: How we won ITU Telecom World Award

Nigerian power innovator, Ifediora Ugochukwu Emmanuel, Co-Founder, Fedironics Intelligent Metering Company recalls the road to winning ITU Telecom World Recognition for Excellence Award 2016 at the ITU Telecom World 2016 held in Bangkok, Thailand. These were his words…..”Still battling with the enormous resources and task involved in researching and developing a smart meter tailor-made for the […]