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REVIEWED | How to make video calls on WhatsApp

After quite a long wait by its users across the globe, popular instant messaging app, WhatsApp finally rolled out video call functionality few months back, much t the excitement of its users. Though the video call function has been activated on WhatsApp since November 2016, I have personally observed that many users of the app, […]

Reviewed: Lenovo Yoga convertible laptops with flip appeal

Phone or Tab? | Tecno PhonePad 3 phablet ‘arrives Nigeria’

ecno says it has launched its premium Tecno PhonePad 3 phablet in Lagos under fresh Nigerian consumer tech market expansion plans by the Chinese phone maker. According to the device maker, the Tecno PhonePad 3 phablet is made for the business elite to facilitate business communications and productivity for its users on-the-go. Equipped with a 13MP […]

Nigeria | Here’s what telecoms landscape was like in 2011

MOBILE | Meet Made-in-Nigeria smartphones

ade-in-Nigeria smartphones are dialling more numbers even with keen competition for the wallet of the nation’s growing mobile family. There is no doubt that smartphone brands by foreign tech companies dominate the Nigerian market, but Made-in-Nigeria brands are now entering to provide consumers refreshing options, features and pocket-friendly alternatives. There is no doubt that smartphone […]

Nigeria | Here’s what telecoms landscape was like in 2011

Innjoo Leap | World’s slimmest laptop hedges ‘power bank’ charging feature

  hen it comes to Nigeria market success, Innjoo, maker of world’s slimmest laptop, the Innjoo Leap, expect that its power bank charging feature can possibly keep it smiling to the bank. Few weeks after the launch of its first 6GB RAM powered device- the Innjoo Pro 2, Innjoo, Chinese technology company has just taken yet […]

Nigeria | Here’s what telecoms landscape was like in 2011