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INTERVIEW | iDEA Hub ‘will never die’ says CEO leading the charge

Mrs. Helen Anatogu, Chief Executive Officer of iDEA Hub, in this exclusive interview with Technology Times takes us into Nigeria’s frontline technology incubation programme sited in Lagos. Anatogu takes us through the issues that have shaped the Information Technology Developers Entrepreneurship Accelerator (iDEA), the changing startup ecosystem in Nigeria and her resolve to ensure the […]

President Buhari’s secret war on free speech 

IYANDA: On QED and Nigerian entertainment in cyberspace

Mr Olumide Iyanda, Editor-in-Chief of QED, www.qed.ng, a fast-growing online news service believe that the Internet can help chronicle the Nigerian entertainment industry. Iyanda, a journalist with over two decades of experience in the newsroom shares his thoughts on online journalism, the opportunities, challenges and the future of the journalism profession in Nigeria. He also […]

Chicason Group CIO | MAN must champion digitization of manufacturing sector

EXCLUSIVE | Zinox in secret smartphone plan to ‘disrupt Nigerian handset market’

Zinox Technologies is working on a closely-guarded smartphone brand soon to hit the Nigerian mobile handset market, Leo Stan Ekeh, Chairman of the Nigerian tech conglomerate has hinted in an exclusive interview with Technology Times. Zinox Technologies makers of the Zinox range of computers and one of the indigenous original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) in Nigeria […]

President Buhari’s secret war on free speech 

NATIONAL IDENTITY | Nigeria needs N65 billion, NIMC CEO says

  Nigeria needs about N65 billion to reach remaining population yet to be enrolled under the National Identity Management programme, Engineer Aliyu Aziz Abubakar, Director General/Chief Executive Officer, National Identity Management Commission (NIMC), has told Technology Times exclusively. The National Identity Management programme underway in Nigeria involves gathering of personal biometric information of Nigerians and […]

President Buhari’s secret war on free speech 

Elearn.ng | Nigerian startup taps Internet gap ‘opportunities’

  Michael Onobote, Co-Founder of Elearn.ng, a Nigerian startup devoted to online vocational and technical training has told Technology Times that current gap Internet gap between online and offline communities in the country opens “opportunity and not a challenge.” Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation with over 93 million Internet users ranks among nations with high […]

President Buhari’s secret war on free speech