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These 7 ways can help preserve smartphone battery life

Advancement in mobile phone technology has driven us to development in more sophisticated smartphones and battery life is at the heart of the user experience. Mobile phones with advanced mobile operating systems now combine features of a personal computer operating system with other features useful for mobile or handheld use. Because of the powerful features captured in […]

#TTOutlook17 | Innjoo partners TD on launch of world’s slimmest laptop in Nigeria

Nigeria: How to apply for Driver’s licence on the Internet

The Federal Government of Nigeria has now made it simpler for Nigerians to apply for Driver’s Licence with the creation of an online platform that allows you do that on the Internet. [quote font=”georgia” font_size=”22″ font_style=”italic” align=”left” arrow=”yes”]The application fee according to the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) is N6,350.[/quote]The rigour and stress often faced […]

National ID | NIMC offers free enrolment at #TTOutlook17 in Lagos

AMCODET: Nigeria’s mobile phone technicians ‘make N40 billion monthly’

The Association of Mobile Communication Device Technicians of Nigeria (AMCODET) has told Technology Times that mobile phone technicians record over N40 billion monthly transaction from the nation’s mobile economy.   Mr Apara Kehinde Ige, National President of AMCODET tells Technology Times in an exclusive interview in Lagos that members of the umbrella body of mobile […]

#TTOutlook17 | Zinox Chairman emerges Technology Times Person of The Year 2016

Meet Alcatel Idol 4s, the smartphone with multipurpose boom key

Alcatel Idol 4s, the latest Alcatel smartphone launched last July sports an amazing design that makes it the company’s flagship smartphone. One major feature of Alcatel Idol 4s is the Boom key that can be used for different purposes while using the device. The Boom Key of Alcatel Idol 4s is located at the right side […]

#TTOutlook17 | Zinox Chairman emerges Technology Times Person of The Year 2016