Oracle acquires machine learning platform,

Oracle acquires machine learning platform,

Oracle acquires machine learning platform,


Oracle says it has acquired privately held cloud workspace platform for data science projects and workloads,

Amit Zavery, Executive Vice President of Oracle Cloud Platform says the company signed an agreement to acquire, adding the leading data science platform to the Oracle Cloud.”

The new platform will give customers the opportunity to fully utilise machine learning, Zavery says adding that with both combination, customers will now harness a single data science platform to more effectively leverage machine learning and big data for predictive analysis and improved business results.

“Data science teams use the platform to organize work, easily access data and computing resources, and execute end-to-end model development workflows

“Leading organizations are using the platform to improve productivity, reduce operational costs and deploy machine learning solutions faster to power their digital transformations.”

According to him, empowers data scientists to deliver the business-changing insights executives expect in less time with self-service access to open source tools, data and computing resources, while also improving the ability of IT teams to support that work.

“Oracle embeds Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities across its software as a service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) solutions, including big data, analytics and security operations, to enable digital transformations.

He says that together, Oracle and will provide customers with a single data science platform that leverages Oracle Cloud infrastructure and the breadth of Oracle’s integrated SaaS and PaaS offerings to help them realise the full potential of machine learning.

The platform makes data science collaborative, scalable, and impactful, with features that cater to data science, business, and IT teams.Data science platform maximises the way teams like to work.

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