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Mobile Marketing | Communicating smartly with thumb generation

By Neelam Biirthare s soon as I was born; my parents posted my pictures on social media. All of a sudden I was a star on Orkut, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram. The name of their family groups and friend groups changed to “New-Baby Born”, “Congratulations Eric”, on Hike, WhatsApp and WeChat. Inside my cradle, I […]

NTA Social Media Gag Order: Dictatorship in Democracy

Celltick clicks new Nigeria deals to drive focus on Mobile Initiated Commerce

  By Technology Times Staff Reporter Lagos. February 13, 2013: Celltick Technologies, a global leader in mobile initiated commerce, says it has recorded new deals in the Nigerian telecoms market as it drives an ambition to be the global leader in mobile initiated commerce through its strong partnerships with operators.  To drive its focus on […]

NBC: Why broadcast stations were fined N11m