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OPINION | Why every marketer should implement data-driven advertising

By Neelam Biirthare elying on instincts is a good natural trait, but when it comes to business, advertising and driving revenue; making decisions based on intuitions is a bad idea. Especially in an age of intellectual advertising where machine learning, predictive analysis, and granular targeting are redefining the way brands and marketers connect with the […]

Virtual Reality | How it may affect your health

IDC: Mobile tech heads for $1.2 trillion by 2019

The International Data Corporation (IDC) forecast that worldwide spending on mobile technologies will reach a whopping 1.9 trillion dollars by 2019. In its report titled “Empowering the Workforce for Business Transformation: Worldwide and U .S. Forecast for Mobility, 2014- 2019,” the technology market intelligence provider estimated that $901 billion was spent worldwide on mobile technologies […]

Virtual Reality | How it may affect your health

ZTE set to launch 4.5G mobile technology

ZTE Corporation says it will on Wednesday launch will its Time Division Duplexing Plus (TDD+), a 4.5G mobile communications technology based on LTE TDD. The company announced that it will launch its Time Division Duplexing Plus (TDD+) solution at Mobile World Congress taking place in Shanghai, China on July 15. The TDD+ is a 4.5G mobile communications technology […]

MTN Nigeria | Former Airtel man named Corporate Relations Executive

Regulator’s group explores market future of 5G

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) says it has formed a key group to study the network standardization requirements of ‘5G’, generally considered to be future steps in mobile technology evolution. ITU, the UN specialisd agency that oversees the global ICT industry says the new Focus Group will identify the network standardization requirements for the ‘5G’ […]

NIGERIA| Phone users can sue for ‘fraudulent’ SIM replacement