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Four ways to download apps on Android phone

Four ways to download apps on Android phone

Android phones can be used for many other purposes apart from making or receiving calls and text messaging, which are the basic uses of a phone.

Your phones can be used for several entertainment and educative purposes through applications and blogs such as games, music player, movie player, dictionaries, Bibles, browsers, fashion blogs, news blogs, WPS office, pictures mixers, social networks, flashlights, amongst others.

You are most likely to have Google Play as your default digital store that came with your Android phone.

Google Play is the search giant’s search that lets you enjoy millions of the latest Android apps, games, music, movies, TV, books, magazines and more.

Google prides the Google Play services as letting you have those apps and more “anytime, anywhere, across your devices.”

So, you can get your applications from your Google Play through the following ways:

  1. Search Bar

You can use the search bar by tapping it and typing what you are looking for. You will get suggestions by Google. But if Google doesn’t, you can type the magnifying icon on your keyboard to perform the search. You will get a list of results, you then tap on your choice.

  1. PC installation

You can download applications from your personal computer (PC) to your Android phone by visiting Google Play’s website. Install your choice by clicking on the install button and select which device to send the app to.

  1. Browsing

IMG_9432You can also download new applications, especially when you have no idea of what to install. Start by clicking on the green “Apps” button at the top of the Play store’s homepage. A screen with new and updated Apps will be displayed. Start browsing by scrolling down. Tabs containing different category of apps where you can get specific kinds of apps will appear.  When you select a category, Apps that are paid for with their amounts and the ones you can download for free, among others, will also appear across the top. You then select your choice of app and install.

  1. Amazon Appstore

Apart from Google Play, you can download applications from Amazon Appstore. This is the largest and most well-known Google alternative. You can download this through amazon.com/getappstore directly on your phone. After downloading the file, you launch it and sign in with your Amazon account which you will create. It will display several apps from which you can install your choice.


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