Home Tech News CcHUB to assess skill sets in Nigerian IT sector

CcHUB to assess skill sets in Nigerian IT sector

CcHUB to assess skill sets in Nigerian IT sector

(CcHUB), a leading Lagos-based incubator and accelerator, has announced the launch of  talent gap analysis for the Nigerian IT industry.

The analysis will broadly try to identify, evaluate, and prioritize current and anticipated gaps in the Nigerian IT workforce.

CcHUB says talent gap analysis,  will provide a comprehensive insight into the workforce demands of the IT sector, as well as an overview of the ability of local tertiary and training institutions to deliver a competitive workforce required to position the industry as a major player in Africa and globally.

According to CcHUB, the  analysis will be conducted in three phases:

Phase 1 – Talent Demand Analysis: the first phase will involve assessing the current and future workforce demands within the IT sector in Nigeria.

Phase 2 – Talent Supply Analysis: this phase will provide a thorough overview of the educational and occupational pipeline for IT talent in Nigeria.

Phase 3 – Talent Gap Analysis & Recommendation: the final phase will entail documentation of the gap in demand and supply of talent in the industry, with the sole purpose of addressing how to fill the gaps for both current and future skills.

According to CcHUB, the Talent Gap Analysis is supported by the National Information technology Development Agency (NITDA), and will draw further support and expertise from a carefully-selected board of advisors which includes:

  • Tomi Davies – Founder, Lagos Angel Network (LAN)
  • Dr. Olayinka David-West – Lecturer & Researcher, Lagos Business School
  • Bunmi Okunowo – National Coordinator, Office for ICT Innovation and Entrepreneurship (OIIE)
  • Iyin Aboyeji – Co-founder; Andela
  • Robin A. Miller – Associate Partner & Global ICT Practice Leader, Dalberg.
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