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CEO of WhoGoHost on 8 vital ways to beat website hackers

CEO of WhoGoHost on 8 vital ways to beat website hackers

Toba Obaniyi, CEO of Whogohost Limited, an Nigerian web hosting company has outlined eight key tips that website owners can use to stave off hackers on their online real estate.

With growing reliance on technology to drive virtually all aspects of our lives, many business enterprises too are getting online.

Toba Obaniyi, CEO of Whogohost Limited
Toba Obaniyi, CEO of Whogohost Limited

CEO of Whogohost says that as a result, more and more business details get online, becoming even more vulnerable to hackers who may gain access to insecure facilities and retrieve very private data.

Since the Internet is used by everyone and anyone, the security of these sites has become a great issue of concern for these businesses, Obaniyi says.

What can you do to protect your site from getting compromised?

Obaniyi, the CEO of Whogohost says that website owners can find these safety tips useful to start with:


  • Strong Passwords:You will be tempted to use a password that you can easily remember. Easy to remember passwords can also be easily guessed. As a rule of thumb, never use a password that contains words in any dictionary in any language! You can use a site like strongpasswordgenerator.com to generate really strong and unique passwords. A strong password will have eight or more characters, contain alphabets, numbers and special characters and will also be a mix of uppercase and lowercase alphabets.


  • Unique Passwords: Don’t use the same password for more than one site. This is really important because if you use the same password everywhere, then if someone has this password, the person has access to ALL your online identity and I am sure you don’t want that. You may use solutions such as dashlane.com to keep track of all your passwords.


  • Two Factor Authentications: Whenever possible, enable two factor authentications. Two factor authentications further secures your system because anyone who knows your password would have to additionally provide a code that only the person with an authorized device can generate.
The Internet hacker
  • Update Your Scripts: After building a beautiful site, you are tempted to believe that you only need to update the content on the site and you are fine. That is however far from the truth. WordPress sites have become targets of hackers and in many cases, the reason they get in is because the WordPress installation or plugins are outdated. Regardless of the scripts you use to power your site, you need to ensure that they are always updated. The developers usually release critical patches to close up bugs or security loop holes that hackers take advantage of. So if you run a business and don’t have someone managing your site for you, you probably should reconsider that.


  • Install Security Extensions: Popular blogs such as WordPress have security plugins and extensions that can help you in securing your site even further. Ensure you follow security tips from the developers of the script you use.


  • Use HTTPS: When you visit a site that starts with https, it means that every communication with the site is encrypted such that someone who intercepts it cannot easily decode the message. This is especially important if you will be logging in or performing transactions that should be secured and private. If you have a site with a login page, then you need an SSL certificate.


  • Scan Your Site: I am sure you have an antivirus running on your laptop or mobile device right now. If you don’t, then you should! It is also a great idea to have a scanner, checking your site for malware and loopholes and alerting you when something suspicious occurs.


  • Backup Your Site Regularly: What if your site gets hacked? In some cases, hackers have deleted important content that cannot be found elsewhere. What do you do then? Don’t wait till that happens.

On a final note, the WhoGoHost CEO says that there is no single solution that will protect your site noting that, “this makes it very important that you consider all the options stated above, especially this last point.”

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