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Since 2004, Technology Times has been the most trusted partner for millions of our readers, advertisers and partners across Nigeria, Africa and beyond who subscribe to our publications, eagerly await them at newsstands; patronise our Internet properties, or participate in our strategic business conferences, summits and exhibitions.

Technology Times connects your brand to a highly mobile and evasive audience that few other media cannot reach.

While others promise traffic numbers, we efficiently deliver RoI and results by eliminating wastage and waiting time.

Our newly-introduced Technology Times Automated Advertising System eliminates waiting time, promotes transparency and lets you manage your campaigns.

With Technology Times Automated Advertising System, you decide your budget and campaigns suitable for your business goals, and get started a few simple steps that guarantees: 

  • Quality and engaged audience with minimum wastage;
  • Direct control and monitoring of your advertising campaign;
  • Industry-leading lowest CPD rates for maximum exposure and visibility;
  • Partnership with a professional media company
  • Efficient approach to generate desired eyeball and mindshare

Gain our Automated Advertising Advantage

Get set to go live with your Advertising Campaign on Technology Times in a few simple steps


Deliver your message to the target audience for maximum reach.

For Advertising and other business inquiries contact us on:

  • business@technologytimes.ng
  • +234 1 454 1818

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