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African businesses should adopt ‘mobile first’ mindset

African businesses should adopt ‘mobile first’ mindset

African enterprises have been asked to adopt “mobile first” mindset as failure to embrace this new reality will have potentially catastrophic consequences on their business.

This was the conclusion drawn at the IDC Enterprise Mobility Forum 2014, an event that brought over 80 enterprise IT managers from leading private and public sector organisations face to face with the innovative global vendors tasked with meeting their mobility needs.

The event saw different speakers who stressed that enterprise IT managers have a tight line to walk with their mobility strategies, not only protecting company data, but increasingly also supporting a wide range of devices that users bring into the organization.

George Kalebaila, Senior Research Manager for Telecommunications and Digital Media at IDC Africa said that “the convergence of IT and telecommunications that is enabled by mobility is empowering businesses to visualize their processes, and thereby increase productivity, stimulate employee performance, streamline business functions, and improve customer service.”

“It is clear that an era of pervasive mobility is imminent, and those enterprises that have adopted a ‘mobile-first’ mindset are already pulling ahead of the pack”, Gorge added


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