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Airtel pushes Quick Talk offer for cost-conscious phone users

Airtel pushes Quick Talk offer for cost-conscious phone users

By Olubunmi Adeniyi

Lagos. July 31, 2012: Airtel Nigeria now charges lower call rate for people who prefer to say it in few words as it unveils another innovative package called “Quick Talk”, the mobile phone company has announced.
Airtel Nigeria says the new package will empower it customers especially the youth and those and those with lower purchasing power to connect easily with their friend and loved ones, as well as sustain their commercial activities.
Under the deal, the phone company explains that the Quick Talk stretches both its N50 and N100 airtime recharges to give 60 seconds of talk time to any network in Nigeria every day for three and seven consecutive days respectively.
Chief Operating Officer, Airtel, Deepak Srivastava, says the offer is yet another masterstroke from Airtel to drive home its resolve to consistently delight Nigerians with innovative telecoms offerings that makes sense and bring affordability to the masses that would benefit greatly from telecoms.
“Airtel has at forefront of providing customer-centric and affordable services in Nigerian market. This has seen the brand delight subscribers in Nigeria especially its customers including the youth, with excellent service packages that not only provide them with fun and excitements, but adds value to their businesses and love lives irrespective of economic status or present financial constraints.
The Quick Talk Package will further enhance these virtues,” Srivastava adds.
Commenting on the initiative Chief Marketing Officer, Airtel Nigeria, Olu Akanmu, says that Airtel is the most innovative telecoms service provider in the country and the company proves this by being in the lead always.
According to Akanmu, ‘Quick Talk’ is a product for people who want to say it in few words, people who are conscious of call rates and therefore talk quickly.
These set of people, he explains go straight to the point and they call either to gather information or to confirm information.
To access the Airtel N50 ‘Quick Talk’ Voucher, customer must have up to N50 and above in their main account before dialing *400*50# to successfully migrate to enjoy the package. Similarly, customers must also have up to N100 in their main account before dialing *400*100# to migrate to enjoy maximum benefits.
At the subscription with N50 voucher, the customers will enjoy 60 seconds call for 3 days while the N100 voucher subscription will give the customer access to 60 seconds call for a maximum of 7 days. The 60 seconds daily call is toll free to all local networks.
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