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ATCON opens national dialogue on ICT in Nigeria

ATCON opens national dialogue on ICT in Nigeria

The Association of Telecommunications Companies of Nigeria (ATCON), the frontline telecoms pressure group in the country, will next month gather experts to review the state of the industry and broader ICT sector.

Mr Olusola Teniola, President of ATCON says the so-called “National Dialogue on Telecoms and ICT Sector in Nigeria” themed, “Harnessing the Digital Resources for the Building of Our National Economy” will hold open 9.00 am on Thursday, March 26, 2020 at NAF Conference Centre and Suites in Abuja.

ATCON says that its members and interested members of the public can sign up to participate at the event registration link opened by the body.

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Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy

According to the ATCON President, “the growth across all the sectors of Nigeria’s economy is expected to be exponential as a result of the resolve by the Federal Government of Nigeria under the Ministry of Communications and Digital Economy to drive the entire economy through digital resources.”

He says the planned event is a strategic dialogue planned “to bring together the Presidency, National Assembly, relevant Federal Ministries, State Governors, ICT State Commissioners, Telecom and ICT Operating Companies, World Bank and other international relevant agencies.”

According to Teniola, “one of the overriding deliverables of this national dialogue on telecoms and ICT sector is that the adoption of digital resources by all aforementioned sectors would lead to development which would eventually make Nigeria to join the league of the Top 20 Global Economies.”

The body says that Dr Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami, Minister of Communications and Digital Economy, is expected to deliver a keynote address on the under-listed topics that would be the focus of the panel discussions at the dialogue:

  • Digital Economy in Nigeria: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Private Public Partnership and Development of Mechanism for the seamless Management of Inter-Ministries and Agencies: an imperative for Broadband Infrastructure Development in Nigeria
  • National Funding and Investment Strategy for Broadband Infrastructure and Digital Economy: The Importance of Education and Awareness
  • Regulation on Emerging Technologies (AI, IoT, Robotics, Blockchain, etc): Leveraging on Nigerian Young Population’s Innovation and Creativity for National Development.

According to ATCON, the dialogue hopes to achieve the underlisted strategic objectives:

  • To channel collaborative efforts toward Nigerian Digital Economy with the sole aim of accelerating our economy’s performance in relation to other leading African countries;
  • To serve as a forum to discuss the recently-launched documents on Digital Economy and take stakeholders input for implementation;
  • To optimally x-ray the factors that have worked for and against the telecoms and ICT sector in Nigeria;
  • To discuss regulations and policies around AI, IoT and Blockchain.
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