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Ebenezer Olawole Dare is passionate about business technology management. He is the co-founder of Justnet Technologies Ltd, a young enterprise that focuses on ICT, Telecoms and businesses in related science helping organizations stay ahead with innovative technologies.

How to create an e-commerce website using WordPress

Thanks to Wordpress and Woocommerce, creating an e-commerce website is now very easy.

Why Nigerians should trust local web hosting companies

While searching for a local web hosting company to use for a project some time ago, I tried to search online and read a lot of negative reviews about local web hosting companies. I saw some reviews like; Nigeria-based hosting companies offer more economical hosting services, but they may end up costing more in the […]

Online presence: How to make the most of it

Making the most of the Internet is as important as your breathing. Every entrepreneur needs the digital skills to grow his business and confidence. You need to leverage on the power of the Internet and social media to generate leads for sales and business growth. The Internet is a force for good and we must […]

Online courses: The disruption in the Education sector

The education sector is already becoming disruptive in the sense that everything has changed. Online courses are gaining ground since students can get same quality education at a cheaper cost and still have time to do other things compared to spending years behind the walls of a classroom. Higher education in Nigeria and all over […]