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Brandville, BigTime seal partnership to offer mobile advertising



By Technology Times Staff Reporter

Lagos. November 23, 2012: BigTime, a leading boutique provider of mobile marketing says it has forged a strategic pan-African partnership with new entrant Brandville to offer service to mobile phone networks across the continent.

With the pact, Bola Akingbade, the former MTN Nigeria Chief Marketing Officer is endorsing BigTime in Africa with his new-formed company, Brandville, the company said in a statement announcing the alliance.

Brandville, BigTime seal partnership to offer mobile advertising
Bola Akingbade, the former MTN Nigeria Chief Marketing Officer is behind BrandVille Photo credit: Mobile World

Under the pact, BigTime and Brandville will offer end-to-end innovative mobile marketing solutions mainly to African mobile network operators as well as to other brands.

Brandville consists of crème de la crème media professionals that bring an extensive know-how on media strategy, concept creation and branding focusing on African countries says Dimitris Papazisis, CEO of BigTime.

“We are very excited and at the same time very honored to work with Mr. Bola Akingbade and his company Brandville. There is no doubt that Mr. Akingbade is really a legend in the African corporate world with an incredible track record as a former CMO of MTN Nigeria, a former Marketing Executive in Unilever UK, and a former Marketing Director of Nigerian Breweries. The experience he brings on the table comes to significantly add on the already successful path of BigTime in Africa. The new-formed team of BigTime and Brandville is one of the major milestones of our company but also a major milestone for the mobile marketing industry. Africa is not just a collection of emerging markets/countries; it is much more than this”, says Papazisis.

According to him, “It is an exciting place that is thirsty for innovation while all of its consumers are in a constant need for engagement and new ways of interaction either from their trusted mobile network operators or brands. BigTime/Brandville team comes to initiate the new era of mobile marketing in Africa on a perfect timing, as most of the African emerging markets/countries have reached a certain maturity level that enables them to accept new and more holistic ways of interaction.”

BigTime says it is a global provider of innovative mobile marketing products and services that creates entertaining and involving campaigns for mobile network operators and media groups while stimulating the dialogue between the user and the mobile carrier.


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