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Bubble Call backs London Nigerian Rugby Football Club




BUBBLE CALL LOGOLagos. July 18, 2013: Bubble Call, a company that lets people make cheap international calls across the globe, has announce its sponsorship of the London Nigerian rugby football club.

Fans of the club can use the Bubble Call service to make cheap calls to Nigeria to speak with friends and family for just a fraction of what it costs through traditional carriers, the UK-based company said.

Bubble Call says that its service makes it easy to make cheap international phone calls from any UK mobile phone or landline.

“It requires no sign-up, no credit card and no prepayments. Users need only visit the Bubble Call site at www.bubblecall.co.uk and follow three simple steps to start talking to friends and family around the world”, according to the company.

Under the plan, users choose the country they want to call from the site’s search box or click on a flag; then they dial the relevant access number and finally dial the full international phone number of the person they wish to speak to as they would normally, according to Bubble Call.

“People who use Bubble Call pay for their phone calls as they normally would with the telecom company they use. For example, BT would charge customers for calls at the Bubble Call advertised per minute rate”, the company added.

Bubble Call said that it can save people money on international calls noting that, “with Ramadan running through the month of July and into August, Bubble Call is the perfect way to make cheap phone calls to Pakistan or cheap calls to UAE (United Arab Emirates) to name just a few of the countries accessible through the service.”




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