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Celltick clicks new Nigeria deals to drive focus on Mobile Initiated Commerce



By Technology Times Staff Reporter

Lagos. February 13, 2013: Celltick Technologies, a global leader in mobile initiated commerce, says it has recorded new deals in the Nigerian telecoms market as it drives an ambition to be the global leader in mobile initiated commerce through its strong partnerships with operators. CelltickLogo

To drive its focus on completing the entire loop from mobile marketing to mobile initiated commerce, Celltick says it has recently won new deals with unnamed operators in key high-growth markets of Nigeria and several other countries. 

The company says that 2012 proved to be a record year for it in making its move from mobile home screen marketing to mobile initiated commerce. 

By combining its years of expertise in mobile advertising and commerce, Celltick is setting out to close the loop between mobile marketing and the final commerce transaction resulting from the marketing promotion, the company said in a statement.

Celltick says that its managed solutions intelligently targets hard to reach consumers in high growth markets on the home screen of their mobile devices and in 2012 alone, the company powered billions of mobile initiated commerce transactions for virtual and physical goods serving over 140 million active consumers in over 25 countries.

“Not only did the company add millions of users to its services offering, it also experienced tremendous global growth expanding its footprint with recent operator wins in key high-growth markets including India, Chile, Argentina, Uganda, Congo, Zambia, Nigeria and the Philippines. By the end of 2012, Celltick increased its subscriber reach by over 250 million to a total of 600 million”, according to a company statement.

Ronen Daniel, CEO of Celltick says that, “Mobile is presenting new opportunities for brand engagement and marketers need to consider tactics like mobile coupons and other value-added services to get their brand in the hands of consumers while they are in purchase mode. We view this as part of the strategy of brands to deliver clear value and benefits to consumers. We are proving that we can make mobile marketing work successfully in growth markets. It is our goal to set the standard for new innovative consumer-oriented services in the market.”

According to Juniper Research, mobile payments and mobile coupon integration is rare and “an untapped opportunity.” Juniper forecasts that the total redemption value of mobile coupons worldwide will be more than $43 billion by 2016. Mobile coupons serve as one facet of mobile initiated commerce.

In 2012, Celltick sold over 5.8 million mobile coupons for physical goods in India, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Brazil making it the leader in coupons purchased on mobile in these countries, the company says noting that it is adopting different business models in these countries based on its expertise in consumer preferences, market maturity and adoption of different payment mechanisms. It is projected that this number will increase by a magnitude across its user base in 2013, Celltick says.

At the upcoming Mobile World Congress, Celltick will be showcasing the release of its mobile initiated commerce platform that will allow marketers and brands to initiate their own mobile marketing campaigns that include mobile coupons and other value-added services that provide clear value and benefits to consumers.

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