Adedokun: ngNOG now plugs ICT capital flight in universities

Adedokun: ngNOG now plugs ICT capital flight in universities

Adedokun: ngNOG now plugs ICT capital flight in universities


Dr Wale Adedokun, National Co-Ordinator of Nigerian Network Operators’ Group (ngNOG) has told Technology Times that the local tech body is reducing the outsourcing of ICT services by Nigerian universities to foreigners.

The ngNOG Co-Ordinator said this in an exclusive interview Tuesday on the sidelines of the ngNOG 2016 workshop organised ngNOG by is a forum for cooperation and the exchange of technical information between operators of internet connected network in Nigeria.

According to him, the ngNOG group which  was founded  11 years ago by ICT directors from six Nigerian universities is  largest capacity building activity of ICT personnel and other stakeholders in Nigerian Higher Education sector.

Presenting the score card of ngNOG to Technology Times at the sideline of ngNOG 2016 underway in Abuja, Adedokun says that ”before now, one thing that was clear to see in ICT department of tertiary institution is that they outsource most of their services. Not because the institution wanted it but they didn’t have competent hands to manage them.”

Adedokun: ngNOG now plugs ICT capital flight in universities
Dr Wale Adedokun, National Co-Ordinator ngNOG in an exclusive interview with Technology Times Tuesday at the ongoing ngNOG 2016 workshop in Abuja.

”But now most of these things has change to the best of my knowledge quite a number of institution today don’t outsource services because we have been able to develop capacity to manage these things, provide support within the group.”

According to Adedokun, ”also we have been  able to create that social network amongst ourselves such that if a problem arises in a particular university, we just call one or two of our members to get it fixed.”

ngNOG is now extending its network by bringing more players both in the private and public sector in ensuring that issues around Internet related services are solved within the country without consulting foreign experts.

Adedokun: ngNOG now plugs ICT capital flight in universities
Cross section of participants in one of the tracks at ngNOG 2016

‘’Although the initial focus was universities but if you look at it today we now have participation from the public and private sector. The organisation started by partnership among six universities with  a focus on how to develop capacity amongst ourselves but we have now spread our tentacles . If you look at it today some of our instructors are from both the private and public sector”, the ngNOG  coordinator says underscoring an ambitious plans of getting more stakeholder involved in the next edition of the workshop.

Adedokun: ngNOG now plugs ICT capital flight in universities
Mr Cletus Okolie, one of the instructors at ngNOG 2016

According to him ”this workshop is a domestication of the AfNOG workshops held annually since 2000  and also the Internet Society’s INET workshops, held annually since 1993 at different  locations around the world.

The workshop’s instructors are a team of highly skilled individuals with many years of experience operating medium to large networks both in the academic and private sector and teaching about network operations”, he adds.

When asked about the road ahead for the Nigerian ICT sector, the ngNOG coordinator says ‘’Nigerian  government needs to get more serious about ICT sector. Most of the challenges we have in this country can be addressed with technology ranging from pipeline vandalism, corruption and healthcare services to mention a few.”

According to Adedokun, the ICT sector has empowered a lot of youths in the country. ’’Go to Computer Village in Lagos, that will give you an idea of how ICT sector is engaging our youths. A lot of them get their means of livelihood from that tech market.

Adedokun: ngNOG now plugs ICT capital flight in universities
Economic hub: People seen walking inside Ikeja Computer Village in Lagos, Nigeria’s biggest technology market cluster
AdvertisingAdedokun: ngNOG now plugs ICT capital flight in universities
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