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Cuban version of Yoruba makes Yorubaname.com debut

Cuban version of Yoruba makes Yorubaname.com debut

The team behind Yorubaname.com, an online dictionary of Yoruba names, says they now have names from a version of Yorùbá that continues to thrive in Latin America, particularly in Cuba.

Kola Tubosun, founded Yorubaname.com, the online dictionary of Yoruba names with his team to provide an online platform that provides a dictionary for the popular Nigerian language.

Kola Tubosun, Founder of YourbaNames Photo: Facebook
Kola Tubosun, Founder of YourbaName.com  Photo: Facebook

The YorubaName team explains that the Lukumi/Lucumi shares several attributes with standard Yorùbá in phonology and lexicography with mild differences in spelling and tone.

According to them, the YorùbáName.com incorporates inclusive work that takes into account all variants of Yorùbá in Nigeria, as well as other variants from Francophone West Africa to Anglophone West Africa to Latin America and even to Arabic.

“We are adding all Yorùbá-Lukumi names in pursuit of our desire for a comprehensive work useful for all Yorùbá speakers, descendants, and enthusiasts everywhere”, the team stated, adding adding that henceforth, “users of the YorubaName dictionary will notice new names common to Lukumi speakers in Cuba”.

“The spellings will be unfamiliar to Nigerian Yorùbá speakers (Obbá, Oddualá, Echudiná, Oyeboddé, etc) but to those who bear them in the diaspora, they’re properly spelled and marked in the tradition of their Yorùbá ancestors. At YorùbáName.com, you will be able to identify them by spelling and peculiar tone (accent) marking, and also by our geolocation tag foreign-general”, the team further stated.

“What our lexicographers are doing along with Cuban scholar Nathan Lugo is to ensure that variants of the name in Nigerian Yorùbá are also listed, for the benefit of both diaspora users as well as Nigerians. This complementary exchange will, hopefully, improve the quality of interaction between the two communities separated by hundreds of years of history, and a large body of water”, the team explained.

The YorubaName team noted that names from Benin Republic are already being added to the YorubaName.com dictionary.


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