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Dell Inspiron laptops tweaked ‘to meet daily family needs’

Dell Inspiron laptops tweaked ‘to meet daily family needs’
American PC maker, Dell has said that its new line-up of Inspiron devices will widen its range of technology solutions to meet families’ everyday computing needs.
The tech company says the Dell Inspiron 14, 15 and 17 5000 series laptops have been designed with power and comfort features aimed at helping people achieve through every phase of their lives
Ray Wah, Vice President, Consumer Product Group Dell, says with the launch of new products, Dell’s Inspiron brand continues its legacy of developing great devices that are easy-to-use, employing the latest technology to help families get more out of life.
”Everyday computing is more fun when you can power video chats and games with the latest processors and graphics, or enjoy an immersive multi-media entertainment experience courtesy of brilliant front-of-screen displays with fantastic audio.”
The Inspiron 5000 Series offers well-designed, versatile laptops, now available with an even broader array of processor options from Intel and AMD for zippy, responsive performance whether surfing the web, writing a term paper, editing videos or initiating web chats.
The 15″ and 17″ notebooks come with a rich set of standard features, which include sharp high resolution displays, firm keyboards that are easy to type on for hours, exceptional battery life, and great wireless performance the company says.
Dell Inspiron 17
Dell Inspiron 17
Also, a touch display is available in either FHD 1080p resolution on the 15″ and 17″ models, or in HD on the 15. The 15″ and 17″ notebooks also come with True Colour, which allows users to customize the display’s color temperature, vibrancy and tone for exceptional visual clarity and colour fidelity.
In addition to premium performance and stunning visuals, stylish shoppers will enjoy the laptops’ sleek design details and vibrant chassis with a matte silver finish.
The new Inspiron Micro Desktop packs a full suite of features into an ultra-compact package small enough to hold in one hand at just 5.16″ x 5.16″. Families seeking a space-saving computing solution will love the micro desktop’s simple and streamlined design, engineered to blend in with other household devices without cluttering your space. Users can boot up quickly and access data with a responsive, reliable solid state drive, and enjoy lightning-fast access to websites, games and apps with the latest dual-core Intel Pentium processor.
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