Education Board unfolds Digital Literacy plan for Lagos teachers

The Lagos State Education Basic Education Board (LSUBEB) has unfolded plans to equip Lagos teachers with digital literacy skills.  

Board Chairman, Mr. Wahab Alawiye-King says the training will address challenges that may hinder Lagos State’s plans to digitally-literate teachers and classrooms.

“We want our teachers to go beyond finding and sharing information on the computer through the various search engines with other users. It is necessary that our teachers be savvy and strategic in the use of computer and internet”, the Chairman announced at a recent a four-day retreat on “Effective Management of Basic Education”, for Board Members, Directors and Education Secretaries of SUBEB across all the Local Governments (LGs) and Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs).

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu of Lagos State

The Board’s plan to educate teachers employed by Lagos State Government will involve training them to skills involved in sourcing for information on the internet and precautionary measures required, Alawiye-King says.  

Alawiye-King says that board members have been assigned specific supervisory roles for better efficiency because the workforce must be equipped with the necessary skills required in the workplace.

He told participants at the training that the government would continue to train and retrain its workforce in order to achieve its plans for a 21st century economy.

Mr. Dayo Israel, the Permanent Board Member in charge of the Special Duties Department also told attendees at the retreat that teamwork will be developed by coming together for the training.

“We have come together to learn; we are going to unlearn some of the things we have learnt before, we are going to learn new things, some of the things we are going to learn here, we have gone through before; some of the things the facilitators are going to take us through, we have gone through before, this training is to refresh our mindset as well as prepare us for the task ahead.”

Israel added that the transformation of LSUBEB being championed by the Chairman, Mr. Alawiye-King, especially the mandate of leaving no child behind, must be collectively pursued in order to realise the laudable objective.

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