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EFCC, CPC join forces against ‘scammers of Nigerian consumers’

EFCC, CPC join forces against ‘scammers of Nigerian consumers’
The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Consumer Protection Council (CPC) have joined forces to bring Nigerian consumers scammers to justice.
Under the plan, EFCC and CPC said they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to bring fraudulent mortgage and other scammers of consumers to book.
Mr. Ibrahim Lamorde, Executive Chairman of the EFCC and Mrs. Dupe Atoki, the Director General of, CPC signed the MoU, which was witnessed by the Director, Legal and Prosecution, EFCC, Mr. Chile Okoroma and the Director, Legal Services, CPC, Emmanuel Ataguba, according to a statement by EFCC.
“It is very important that the EFCC partners with the CPC particularly in the areas of intelligence sharing, investigation, prosecution and engaging in campaigns to educate consumers”, Larmode said while seeking CPC’s cooperation with his agency in investigating and prosecuting financial crimes and consumer abuse.
He also commended the efforts of the Director General of CPC, adding that her dedication to her work got her awarded US citizenship by the State of Georgia.
The MoU between the two agencies will “ensure that consumers and victims will receive appropriate redresses, restitution and compensation in a competent court of law”, the EFCC chief added.
Atoki underscored the need for joint investigation and enforcement cooperation between the two agencies of government, particularly on matters affecting consumers’ economic and financial welfare.
“The collaboration is aimed at protecting consumers and combating scams using a three-pronged approach: Complaint data analysis to establish patterns, trends and hotspots; consumer education and sensitization campaigns across the country, and case investigations, prosecution and redress,” she said.
She further disclosed that the two agencies signed a tripartite MoU with the United States, Federal Trade Commission, to enforce the law in cross-border cases while also thanking EFCC for accepting to partner with the Council in strengthening consumer protection and consumer education.
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