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Ericsson, Facebook to create joint innovation laboratory


Ercisson has concluded plans with Facebook to create  a joint innovation laboratory to support the Internet.org initiative.

The lab which is billed to be launched before the end of the second quarter of 2014 will help tackle the most critical aspects of the Internet.org. which is to make Internet access available to the two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected.

Under the alliance Ericsson will provide Facebook and application developers the ability to simulate different network environments from around the world. ‘’This will allow them to develop and test mobile applications and services’’ the companies said.

Jay Parikh, Vice President of Infrastructure Engineering at Facebook says”With this lab, developers will be able to simulate network conditions typically found in new markets, giving them an environment to test and optimize their applications under a number of different scenarios”.This is a unique capability that Ericsson brings to the table and we are happy they have taken a leadership position with us in this initiative.”

Johan Wibergh, Executive Vice President and Ericsson’s Head of Business Units said “The goals of internet.org are very much aligned with our long-standing ideal that communications is a basic human need.”

According to him, “the creation of the lab will provide a unique environment for testing and ultimately optimizing applications regardless of network, device or operating system. The collaboration with app developers will provide Ericsson with invaluable understanding of their requirements on our networks, which we can apply to ensure the continued development of the best performing networks globally.”

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