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Goldgenie shows off £2.3m luxury iPhone 6

Goldgenie shows off £2.3m luxury iPhone 6
UK’s Goldgenie has announced its Diamond Ecstasy Collection of a range of dazzling iPhone 6 smartphones that are finished in a choice of 24K Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum and embedded with diamonds.

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The encrusted iPhone coming ahead of the Valentine season will see each phone from the Ecstasy collection will be unique and customised to the client’s wishes, from the choice of precious metal finish and stones to the exact style of embellishment and personal engraving, according to the UK company.
“Clients are encouraged to participate in the design process to ensure their phone is bespoke exactly to their preferences and guarantees that the end creation will be truly unique. Personal sentiment may also be added through a laser engraved message, name or symbol. Prices for iPhones from the Ecstasy range start at just £10,000 and rise to £2.3million depending on specifications and value of stones used”, Goldgenie says.

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