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Galaxy Backbone, FRSC tie tech deal to manage issuance of Drivers' licence



By Olubunmi Adeniyi

Galaxy Backbone, FRSC tie tech deal to manage issuance of Drivers' licence 1
Gerald Ilukwe, CEO of Galaxy Backbone, the government-owned technology company deploying solutions that enable FRSC to offer faster response times to driving licence applicants across Nigeria

Lagos. February 28, 2013: Galaxy Backbone says it partnered with the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) to deploy and provide a secure Internet Protocol (IP) connectivity services for the management of driving licences in over 300 FRSC locations across Nigeria.

Galaxy Backbone, the technology services provider of the Federal Government says that using the IP connectivity services, FRSC will be able to issue driving uniform and centrally administer driving licences to thousands of Nigerians daily.

This solution enables FRSC to offer faster response times to driving licence applicants, says Galaxy Backbone noting that it also cuts the cost of issuance and introduces efficiency in the FRSC administration. 

Also, Galaxy Backbone’s secure connectivity ensures integrity and confidentiality of FRSC data as it transits the network to its central servers, the government technology company says in case study outlining the implementation of the drivers’ licence management technology. 

For FRSC, Galaxy Backbone remains a key partner in its service delivery to citizens ensuring that the commission is able to react in a timely and effective manner to citizen requests, the tech company says.

“The FRSC issues driving licence from hundreds of locations across the country. It required reliable and secure connectivity services to connect all these locations to support its goals.”

Galaxy Backbone explains that FRSC is modernising its systems by taking advantage of technology as a multiplier to enable it more effectively cover a land mass as large as Nigeria.

“In doing so, it identified certain administrative and service processes to automate — chief of which was the drivers’ licence issuance process. The Commission sought to deploy systems enabling it to keep a central registry of all driving licenses issued and to speed of the processes of approval and issuance,” Galaxy adds.

The FRSC is set up by law to improve safety on Nigerian roads. The Commission has a mission to regulate, enforce and coordinate all road traffic and safety management activities. It does this through, sustained public enlightenment, patrol operations, prompt rescue services, vehicle administration, data management and promotion of stakeholder cooperation. 

On the other hand, Galaxy Backbone Plc was established in 2006 by the Federal Government based on the need for Government to pursue a co-ordinated and harmonised approach to ICT acquisition, operation and use in the public sector. 

“The intent for the establishment of Galaxy Backbone was, therefore, to enable the Federal Government derive more value from its investments in information and communication technology by eliminating duplication, establishing economies of scale, enhancing interoperability of systems and improving Government’s capacity to deliver electronic services”, according to the company.



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