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Glo Mobile new plan cuts tariff as subscriber make more calls

Glo Mobile new plan cuts tariff as subscriber make more calls

By Bolanle Abbas
Lagos June 25, 2012 Glo Mobile has launched its Glo Gista, an innovative service loyalty scheme that rewards its subscriber with decreasing tariffs as they make more calls.
Glo Mobile, the mobile business unit of Nigeria’s Second National Operator (SNO), Globacom says that the introduction of Glo Gista is in line with its objectives of being at the forefront of bringing innovative service to the telecoms market.
Today’s media launch of Glo Gista held at Mike Adenuga Towers, the SNO’s headquarter in Lagos had in attendance two Glo Brand Ambassadors, Chioma Aguta and Ego Ogbaru, alongside Director of Marketing, Niyi Olukoya; Director of Sales, Mike Sidwell and Head Strategy and Innovation, Richard Morse, among others.
Director of Marketing for Glo, Niyi Olukoya, explains that the Glo Gista is a platform that enables subscribers spends less on more calls wherever and whenever adding that “it is a platform that allows subscribers call family and friends without putting a hole in their pocket.”
According to him, the new tariff plan is a bundle that allows subscribers make calls at the rate of 15 kobo per second for Glo-to-Glo calls and 30 kobo per second for Glo to other networks. The bundle works round the clock with no off limit time.
Some other added value of the new bundle includes the opportunity for both new and existing subscribers to get a bonus of 200 per cent on every recharge and also to make international calls at the rate of 7.8 naira per minute to US, UK, Canada, India and China.
Under the plan, Glo Gista will be pre-registered on all new Glo SIM cards while existing subscribers can migrate by dialing *100*15*1# on their phones.
Director of Sales, Mike Sidwell promises more amazing packages from Globacom.
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  1. Why the exploitation i pay for my bis that’s blackberry suscription.bt when i don’t have credit on my Line i can’t make use of d bis .the minute i recharge then i will now be able to browse.my number is 08076896841

  2. have been unable to dial out for three weeks now and have called customer care till now nothing has been done my number is 08058154742

  3. Nawa 4 glo nwk despite alot of customer are complaining still de ar getin worse everyday by day. I plead 2 dem 2 somtin abt the netwk b4 all there customers wil turn back at dem. becos i personally can use my glo 2 make call 4 d past 3weeks now.

  4. I wish 2 tanks my glo network team 4 their good coverage of their network.
    But i also blame them 4 failing their customers,i have been using glonetwork 4 long time now since 2003 and up till date i never benefit any thing from them,when i hard that they re doing promo i was happy nd i say let me try my luck and 4 God seck as it is their first time they fall my hand by saying NCC stop all the promo.If i may ask why they do not contact ncc b4 going ahead with the promo and is it that MTN are not working with NCC direct or how?, they gave up their promo 2 its customers.For we that invested much in the text and win promo what re they going to do?.I west all my time and money cracking my brain 4 the promo at last noting tangible comes from it.Am pls pleading to my good glo team to pls do something on it so that i wil not regret of using their network

  5. D network is bad dis days. We find it dificult to recharge and dis is at a lost to we dat sell card

  6. I use to recomend glo network to other people before but now I’ve dislike dem because they are not faithful to their customers interm of promo, high tariff, MB for internet browsing n they av bad network n also poor customer care. I av called customer care several time all they av to say is NCC av suspended all promo but other network are still giving free MB n airtime when u recharge wit certain amount. I do imagine if gloacom make research as MTN do. Instead of waste money on unprofitable things while not spend such money on reseach in order to know your SWOT analysis, inshort am disappointed in using GLO network

  7. Glo why are u doing this 2 ur custormers, i beg this tarif was nt gud oooooo

  8. am confused all glo packages are exorbitant. I dont know what 2 do? A go troway my glo sim.

  9. We all curse Mtn bt so far there are d cheapest,I have 2 mtn sims.d first is zone wehere I call for as low as 4k/sec.and d other is my f n f where I call for 10k/sec.MTN now gives free 5MB wen u recharge 100buks.Glo does notin other than Pay Nollywood actors n actresses millions of naira to show their dirty teeths on billboards.Glo BYE BYE…..ur call rates shud only be used by our Abuja politicians

  10. With airtel 2good clasic, all calls is being charge 18kb per sec. Pls glo customers kindly dump your glo line for aitel because is 2 cheap

  11. Glo ntwork is fine but since they want to use customer loyalty to exploit, i simply stop recharging on Glo. Etisalat will soon replace them. Glo have a rethink, we like glo.

  12. I advice glo to go back to infineto, even it is 18 naira per minute to every network we wouldn’t mind. I was attracted to infineto but now, without infineto, i am running away from glo.

  13. Glo call rate t oda netwrk dis days na 31.5k/second.I jst discovered dat.Dis glo telecom is getting weaker evryday.

  14. Dear Glo, i somuch love ur ntwork. but, with introduction of dis plan, i thing guys ar not smilling at all. pls do something b4 sometin do ur lines. Rule ur world

  15. Glo tariffs is getting to high this days. I realise am my maritime gets finish on time after recharging

  16. This not go ooooo! Pls, I want my infinito back o. Mtn come even dey better pass glo again? Is not fair at all.

  17. na wah o…. 4 ds gista. E gd as una dey talk wetin dey happen 4 dat package o cas na small remain wey i 4 subscribe!

  18. I don’t know what is wrong with glo why would they have to bring this glo gista of a thing ?? Its does not worth it at all if care is not being taking I will join etisalat soon and leave Glo they need to improve this package oooooo. B4 person die for here .. GlO BBM SERVICE DEY SUCK FoR MY AREA AT AGURA IKORODU .make u na kon do something b4 MTN and other network take u na customer finish. Shooooooooo

  19. pls return me 2 my infinito Ooooo! cos d tariff is operating now is too outrageous.

  20. Glo gista is de worse tariff sofer pleas i want to go back to my glo ifinito 1 or 2

  21. U did so well last year! Bt all u do now is feed your customers with lies which is unfair! Don’t make empty promises n ur customer care representatives are so rude 2bad…

  22. Well, it is good to leave those pple already in infinitobecase not every us are coming from the same sliver spoon. Please, consider d lesser pple

  23. This is another way of killing your costomers finacially, stop using us to pay for fuel subsidy. Is not fair

  24. Dis is good please find another one for us, see etisala dey a give person sec wat of u glo. We beg u ooooooooooooooooooooo

  25. glo gista is so bad,i prefer infinito cos i dnt recharge my glo line again since gista take place.let glo go bk to infinito

  26. this package is so unstable and costs so much to make calls now.now people are joining the glo network,glo comes up with a plan to make things a bit difficult for their subscribers.glo,gista doesn’t make sense,infinito will make ua company grow more…good evening people

  27. Diz tariff no gud oo at all
    infinito special z beta dan diz one jawe

  28. This gistar, is not visible.i join it now and i call for 2mins ur. Network deducted 40naira 60kobo. This is unfair. Pls return my money ooooo. GLO: Rule Your WOrld..

  29. What happen to INFINITO? This gista of a thing is too expensive, me and my wife were on Infinito sundenly ur. Company just cut us off. For me i will prefer INFINIto. I like GLO network and me and my wife are GLO family. PLeAse i prefer INFINITO. GLO: RULE YOUR WORLD……..

  30. With the new tarrif, Glo takes the lead, others follow. EBE ANO !

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