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GoPro offers $1m in video contest

GoPro offers $1m in video contest

GoPro, Inc. has announced the award recipients of its HERO7 Black Million Dollar Challenge and published the crowd-sourced highlight video.

The camera maker in September, at the launch of GoPro’s flagship HERO7 Black camera, GoPro challenged its customers to use the camera to shoot a product highlight video and offered a $1 million-dollar award to be shared by those whose video clips were featured.

The result is a stunning 2-minute video shot entirely by HERO7 Black users from around the world.

The community effort was fueled by over 25,000 submissions from across the globe.

“Previously, our product highlight videos were shot by our in-house media team – expert creators with the know-howto get the perfect shot,” said GoPro founder and CEO, Nick Woodman.”Now that HERO7 Black makes it easy for anyone to capture professional-looking shots during their favorite activities, we decided to challenge our customers to shoot this year’s highlight video and pay them for it. We’re glad we did — they absolutely nailed it.”

The HERO7 Black Million Dollar Challengereceived more than 25,000 unique submissions from around the world. Clips from 56 HERO7 Black users were included in the final video, which features awe-inspiring visuals that showcase the passion and creativity of the GoPro community. Each person included in the Million Dollar Challenge video will be awarded just over $17,500 for their submission.

“This crowd-sourced approach was only made possible by HERO7 Black’s incredible HyperSmooth video stabilization feature,” Woodman says.

Go Pro says the HyperSmooth is the best in-camera video stabilization ever featured in a camera. HyperSmooth delivers gimbal-like performance but without the gimbal, making it easy to capture shake-free video in any environment — on land, underwater, at high speed or in high vibration environments — far beyond the capabilities of a traditional motorized gimbal. Additionally, HERO7 Black’s new TimeWarp feature opens newdoors for creativity by transforming longer experiences, like city walks,scenic drives and ocean dives, into short, magic-carpet-like videos that arecompelling to watch and easy to share. Both HyperSmooth and TimeWarp are featured throughout the highlight video.

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