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Govt to enforce ‘standards in Nigerian power sector’

Govt to enforce ‘standards in Nigerian power sector’
The Federal Government says it will enforce standard and safety control across the power sector value-chain to deliver reliable electricity supply in the country.
These will cut across the production, installations of meters and other electrical equipment across the power sector value-chain, Mohammed Wakil, Minister of State for Power said.
The Minister said this at the commissioning of the EMSL National Meter Testing Stations in Lagos.
According to him, with the successful reform of generation, transmission and distribution sub-sectors, the administration is now focusing on the delivery of safe and reliable electricity supply to Nigerians through institutional technical inspectorate services.
“We are set to enforce quality control and standard of electricity installations. We are resolved to enhance consumers and investors’ confidence and satisfaction through sustained inspection, testing and certification of electrical materials and equipment. Electricity materials should be of the right quality and specifications,” he said.
Wakil said that, “all categories of electrical installations, power systems and networks must be properly planned, designed and executed before use. Gone are the days when sub – standard equipment and installations compromised the safety of Nigerians.  More pointedly, manufacturers of fake power equipment are hereby put on notice that the long arm of law shall catch up with those endangering lives of innocent citizens. Nigerians not only want adequate power supply, but safety and reliability.”
The Minister commended the management of the Electricity Management Services Limited (EMSL) saying the company will enforce standard and safety control to save stakeholders’ millions of naira wasted on frequent replacement of bad/faulty meters as well as electrical materials and equipment.
Engr Peter Ewesor, Managing Director of EMSL, described the occasion as a giant stride in the determination of President Goodluck Jonathan to deliver safe and reliable electricity to Nigerians.
“We are here to witness a landmark movement towards enforcing standard and safety control through the application of best practices. The remodeling and upgrade of this National Meter Testing Station (NMTS) and the opening of the Technical Inspectorate Services (TIS) Field office are both testimonies to the commitment of the administration to quality control in the power sector,” Ewezor said.
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