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Greenlight Planet launches solar mobile charging systems


Greenlight Planet, a US solar energy company has launched two of its latest product across targeting Nigeria as part of a sub Sahara African market drive.

Sun King Mobile and Sun King Pro2 are designed to charge user’s mobile phones using solar energy and have up to five-year battery life based on revolutionary Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery technology, the company announced.

The Sun King Mobile which is priced at $30 comes with interesting features such as day or night USB mobile phone charging, light eight times brighter than typical paraffin lanterns, up to 30 hours of light after a typical day of solar charging, among others the company says.

According to the company, the Sun King Pro2 is twice as bright as alternative solar lanterns, the Pro2 charges two standard mobile phones per day while providing safe, bright nighttime lighting. With the Pro2, users can stay connected by charging their mobile phone  and even their neighbour’s phones  from their own home.

Mobile connectivity remains a crucial lifeline in rural communities across Africa, providing banking, healthcare and employment services for users. Yet, often individuals must walk 10 kilometers to electrified shops and pay steep fees to charge their phone Anish Thakkar,  CEO of the company says. “We are thrilled to offer this lifestyle-enhancing product at such an affordable price.”

Countries in Africa where the new products will be sold  include Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and the Central African Republic.

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