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Group wants NCC to protect local VAS businesses

Group wants NCC to protect local VAS businesses

Simeon Aderinola, the National Coordinating Consultant, Wireless Application Service Providers of Nigeria (WASPAN) has asked the telecom watch dog to come up with policy initiatives that protect local VAS (value added services) businesses in the country.

He made this recommendation Thursday an interactive session organised by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) with the VAS operators and mobile network operators (MNOs) on the regulatory framework for the VAS segment of the telecoms industry.

Regulators need to protect local business and content when making policies and decision, WASPAN said noting that foreign firms have devises means of monopolising the system and in most cases outsmarting local businesses.

”It is the duty of a regulator to protect their own” Simeon said passionately to attendees at the event adding that NCC should provide level playing ground for indigenous VAS provider.

WASPAN  was incorporated six years ago and currently has 22 members licensed by NCC, “who are committed to providing top notch services to both the Mobile Network providers and its wide range of subscribers”, he said.

He also advised the regulator to look into the area of revenue-sharing among mobile operators and VAS providers in its proposed regulations to guide the sector.

He noted that more revenue should be given to VAS provider because they are the content provider and “they have to be commended for that.”

According to him, VAS business skyrocketed in Japan because the country’s regulator gave 91 percent to VAS provider.

The volume of VAS business activities in mobile segment of the Nigeria’s telecommunication industry is currently valued at $200m annually, according to industry players.

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