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HaltEbola wins AMPION Venture Bus West Africa

HaltEbola wins AMPION Venture Bus West Africa

HaltEbola, a new startup company using mobile apps to share information about the Ebola virus has won the AMPION Venture Bus West Africa.

HaltEbola is a mobile application using voice messages to connect people in rural areas to share information on Ebola in their local languages.

AMPION says that following the Ebola outbreak, the company decided to have the start-up focus on healthcare for its product development.

Faced with severe obstacles due to the on-going Ebola disease, AMPION decided to face the problem head on, the start-up said.

Instead of cancelling or delaying the West African event, the Ampioneers were encouraged to become a part of the solution instead. As a result, seven great startups emerged on the first Venture Bus 2014 including three solutions to tackle healthcare issues and Ebola and HaltEbola is a result of that, AMPION said in the statement.

The second and third places went to the startups Travlr and FindR respectively. Travlr is connecting people who need short term housing with home owners within West Africa whilst FindR is an application that puts your budget into consideration when ordering meals from a restaurant.

As a reward for their innovative business model, Halt Ebola will be supported by AMPION and its sponsor, Microsoft, with free software and mentoring.

The founders of the tech start-up expressed their desire to develop their business idea further and to implement it in the fight against Ebola as soon as possible.

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