Home Market Updates Huawei, African Union meet ‘to strengthen ICT development in Africa’

Huawei, African Union meet ‘to strengthen ICT development in Africa’

Huawei, African Union meet ‘to strengthen ICT development in Africa’

Huawei and Africa Union officials recently met at the headquarters of the Chinese ICT company in Shenzhen, China to discuss ways to enhance and improve ICT development in Africa.

Guo Tianmin, Senior Vice President, Huawei met with Anthony Okara, African Union Deputy Chief of Staff and Giovanni Barbera from the AU Headquarters.

During the discussion, Guo said: “ICT is playing an increasingly important role in the digital age, especially in bridging the digital divide, improving quality of life and fueling the economic growth. Huawei is committed to promoting global ICT industry development through “customer-centric” and innovative solutions to bring value to its customers. At the same time, we understand the government’s urgent need for further development of its ICT industry to support the strengthening of local infrastructure. With our 17 years of experience within Africa’s ICT industry coupled with our extensive industry global network means that Huawei is, well positioned to share the best practices and latest ICT solutions. We are ready and willing to share our experience with Africa.”

Anthony Okara, Deputy Chief of Staff extended his appreciation and recognition of Huawei’s efforts in improving communications services in Africa, saying “Huawei and the African government has improved the African network quality by joint efforts in the past years, with the most direct contribution from Huawei. We are pleased to see the significant network improvement in Addis Ababa, the headquarters of African Union, since Huawei’s involvement. The improvements have greatly promoted communication efficiency of the African Union.”

“Africa is looking for more direct investment in ICT. We look to engage serious players such as Huawei in long-term strategic partnerships. We hope to formalize and strengthen cooperation between the African Union and Huawei to further contribute and promote the development of the ICT industry in Africa,” Okara added.

Huawei says it will continue to share its ICT knowledge and develop highly efficient education systems and nurture ICT professionals for local communities.

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