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Huawei launches IP mobile solution for 4.5G

Huawei launches IP mobile solution for 4.5G

Huawei has launched a 4.5G-oriented IP mobile solution to help network operators build best experience mobile video bearer networks.

The solution puts forward three new network construction standards which include: xGbps-to-site, U-vMOS 4.0 video experience, and agile operation and maintenance (O&M), according to the Chinese technology company.

The launch marks another giant leap forward in mobile backhaul development from the perspective of technological innovation, user experience, and business success, the company says.

Huawei’s 4.5G-oriented best experience IP mobile bearer solution also sets a new O&M standard, with automatic service deployment and troubleshooting within minutes.

The solution integrates software-defined networking (SDN) technology into the bearer network, which implements automatic deployment of massive 4.5G base station services within only a few minutes.

In addition, the solution detects user experience deterioration, such as video freezes or pixilation; then it uses IP Flow Performance Measurement (IP FPM) to carry out 10-6 high precision fault detection, and the deterioration in video experiences can be located within a few minutes.

Gai Gang, President of Huawei Router & Carrier Ethernet Product Line says: “Huawei focuses on carriers’ challenges and requirements in the mobile broadband era, and to support 3G/LTE voice and web browsing services, Huawei has launched an IP-based mobile network solution, our 4.5G-oriented best experience IP mobile bearer solution, to help carriers transform their bearer networks in terms of IP, and provide wide service coverage.”

“In the 4.5G era where mobile video services are the norm, and 4.5G networks have been deployed commercially, Huawei is offering a mobile video experience-oriented network construction solution that helps carriers build mobile video service-oriented bearer networks that offer optimal viewing experiences. In the next five years, Huawei will collaborate with carriers and industry partners to build leading mobile bearer networks. Continues Gai Gang.

What’s more, Huawei will continue to explore more business opportunities, offer excellent user experiences, and promote the sustainable development of the industry.” Gang concludes.

Huawei says it has successfully deployed over 190 mobile bearer networks in more than 100 countries, supporting services for more than 2.8 million base stations and serving one-third of the world’s population.

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