ITU, Mobile Alliance to cooperate on 5G

ITU, Mobile Alliance to cooperate on 5G

ITU, Mobile Alliance to cooperate on 5G


International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and the Next Generation Mobile Network Alliance  (NGMNA) say they have signed a co-operation agreement on next-generation mobile broadband technology, 5G.

According to ITU, the agreement which highlights the mutual intent of ITU and NGMN to coordinate their contributions to the development of 5G technology and architecture, affirms their contribution to deepen broadband penetration across the globe.

”The co-operation will also extend to the management of the interplay of intellectual property rights and standardization in the 5G era, and the creation of an enabling environment for open-source software to assist in shaping the future of broadband”, ITU says.

Houlin Zhao of China Secretary-General of ITU
Houlin Zhao of China Secretary-General of ITU

The UN specialised agency for ICT  further says it is proactive in building cooperation with bodies such as NGMN, recognizing that the efficient collaboration of technical bodies active in the 5G arena will be crucial to ensuring that 5G fulfils its potential to assist social and economic development.

ITU recalled that in 2012, the union established a programme on “International Mobile Telecommunications for 2020 and beyond (IMT-2020)”, providing the framework for 5G research and development worldwide, explaining that ITU members have defined the framework and overall objectives of this standardization process, as well as the roadmap to guide this process to its conclusion by 2020.

”ITU’s Radiocommunication Sector (ITU-R) is coordinating the international standardization and identification of spectrum for 5G mobile development’,nothing  that it’s Standardization Sector (ITU-T) will play a similar convening role for the technologies and architectures of the wire-line elements of 5G networks.


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