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New app blocks ad banners for iOS users

New app blocks ad banners for iOS users

Kaspersky Lab has introduce AdCleaner, a new app for iOS  that blocks advertising banners, links and popup windows in web pages opened by users.

According to Kaspersky, the AdCleaner filters the content of websites opened in Safari, the standard iOS browser, removing annoying advertising that prevents users from viewing information properly.

Alexey Chikov, Senior Product Manager, Kaspersky says the AdCleaner not only makes surfing the web faster and more convenient, but also helps to reduce the amount of traffic and save battery power.

The Apple iPhone 4 showing apps
The Apple iPhone 4 showing apps

“We at Kaspersky Lab believe that no detail is too small when it comes to Internet security. It is our position that users have the right to choose what to see or not see online. Filtering advertising with Kaspersky AdCleaner helps to avoid accidentally tapping on advertising banners, which can result in following potentially dangerous links or seeing unwanted content”.

Kaspersky AdCleaner complements the portfolio of Kaspersky Lab applications for iOS, which includes Kaspersky Safe Kids, Kaspersky Password Manager, Kaspersky Safe Browser, and Kaspersky QR Scanner.


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