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Lenovo expects growth despite split of HP

Lenovo expects growth despite split of HP

PC maker, Lenovo says it expects to consolidate its position in the device market despite the recent announcement by a major competitor, HP that it will split into two in 2015 to drive competition in the device market.

Lenovo reacted to HP’s announcement thus: “We have no specific comment on our competitor’s structural or organizational maneuvers. However, Lenovo has been continuing to gain share in the $200B PC market, and we have outgrown the market and our competitors for 20 straight quarters.

We are confident this trend will continue, as we are focused and will continue to leverage the consolidation of this industry to grow; as we are innovative and the market can expect we will launch more and more exciting PC, mobile, enterprise and ecosystem products in the near future and in the long term; and as we are consistent and clear with our strategy, which after we close both the IBM System X and Motorola deals, will give us 3 growth engines – PC, Mobile and Enterprise.”

HP had earlier announced that it will split into Hewlett-Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. in 2015.

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