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LAGOS | Website to verify vehicle numbers now live

Lagos State has opened a website, www.lsmvaapvs.org, to verify number plates of vehicles registered by the state government. Lagos State says it has that digitized number plater system. The new website also lets law enforcement agencies verify authenticity of number plates issued by the State Motor Vehicle Administration Agency (MVAA). The website, www.lsmvaapvs.org, will henceforth become […]

Nigeria’s broadband plan: State Governors are crucial to success, Technology Times Founder says

Jazi Bank ‘interested in Nigeria’s broadband’

Jaiz Bank says Nigeria’s ongoing plans to deepen broadband services is of interest to the country’s first Islamic non-interest commercial bank. Because banks now rely on broadband Internet to provide efficient and effective services through seamless connectivity for provision of intra and inter-banking services, efforts by the Nigerian telecoms regulator to deepen access to broadband […]

COVID-19 speeds shift towards digital lifestyles in Nigeria, Sparkle CEO says

Coronavirus: First Bank digital banking hits N8.18t transactions during lockdown

First Bank customers conducted transactions totalling N8.18 trillion during the lockdown caused by the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in Nigeria, Dr Adesola Adeduntan, the bank’s CEO says. Adeduntan says today a whole range of First Bank digital banking services came to the rescue during the five-week lockdown ordered by the government to contain the […]

COVID-19 speeds shift towards digital lifestyles in Nigeria, Sparkle CEO says