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Microsoft plugs calendar apps for Outlook to iOS, Android

Microsoft plugs calendar apps for Outlook to iOS, Android

Microsoft says it is launching Calendar Apps for Outlook on iOS and Andriod to let customers manage and make the most of their time.

With the Calendar Apps, users can connect their apps that include Wunderlist, Facebook and Evernote to see all their tasks, events and notes from their digital life in one place: the Outlook Calendar.

By connecting your calendar with a wide range of services, Outlook will be able to provide you with a far better view of your day, week and months ahead, the Outlook team says.

In a bolg post, the technology company says that “since the Sunrise team joined Outlook, we’ve been hard at work bringing all the goodness and extra features from their app directly into our calendar to give you a single, powerful app for managing your personal and professional life.’’

‘’Calendar Apps, along with a two-week mini-calendar, three-day view and iOS calendar widget, have already made it to Outlook, with Connected Calendars up next.’’

Microsoft says that Wunderlist is a simple to-do list app that helps you get stuff done. With Wunderlist’s new Calendar App for Outlook, you can get an overview of your most-pressing to-dos, in your Outlook calendar.

Also, with your Facebook connected to Outlook, you can view any event you’re invited to or have accepted, as well as your friends’ birthdays through Facebook Events. Once you open an event, you can RSVP and view event details and location.

The Evernote app for Outlook on another hand gets you effortlessly organized with notes, to-dos and more.

Outlook not only shows you what’s important in your day, it gives you immediate access to the information you’ve placed in Evernote, according to Microsoft.





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