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Mobile phone trade-in gains traction

Mobile phone trade-in gains traction
Mobile phone trade-in, the practice of exchanging a used or old mobile phone for a new one, is fast gaining ground in Nigeria.
A number of corporate organisations now allow phone users to trade in their devices with Slot Systems Limited, one of the top dealers, the latest to join the device swap business.
The mobile phone trade-in platform provides mobile phone users to get better value for their old phones as against selling phones to roadside and other unknown buyers who do not have a system that objectively measures the value of the used phone. In addition, top phone brands are offered by dealers for trade-in.
To trade-in your mobile phone, you can walk into the business office of any of the dealers with your old phone and the value will be objectively measured. You will then be required to pay the difference in value between the old phone and your new choice of mobile phone.
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