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Motorvision TV launches in Nigeria

Motorvision TV launches in Nigeria

German pay-television channel for car and motor sports fans, Motorvision TV has extended its reach through Nigeria-based Suburban Fibre Company.

Under the pact with Nigeria’s Suburban Fibre Company, a triple play service ‘Legend’, a premium TV content, Internet and VoIP product delivered over a high-speed fibre optic data connection will launch this year.

Motorvision TV’s process of international expansion has seen it announce the extension of its reach in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by launching on six additional platforms.

According to Motorvision TV, with its latest move for global spread out, the channel can now be viewed by subscribers on the grounds of a new distribution agreement with Dubai based pay TV provider My-HD, in the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Bahrain, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia and Yemen as part of the “My Maghreb” package and the “My Arab” package.

The latest expansion will as well enable Car and motorsports enthusiasts in Greece to watch Motorvision TV through Vodafone Home’s TV service formerly Hellas Online, a leading provider of broadband and fixed-line telephony in the country.

In addition to signing a new deal in Greece, Motorvision TV renewed its distribution agreement with OTE TV, which has been offering the channel to its customers as part of the sports line-up since 2013.

In Cyprus, Motorvision says the channel is already being broadcast on Primetel and Cablenet Communication in English with Greek subtitles, but is now also available as part of the “Sport Plus” package on CyTA’s pay TV platform.

Motorvision can also now be received in Romania by UPC subscribers in addition to the existing distribution on Orange TV. Croatia is also not left out as the channel has reached distribution agreement with the country’s ZABAVA ITO.

In October 2015 Motorvision TV already announced new distribution deals with Chunghwa Telecom in Taiwan and Telekom Srbija, bringing Motorvision´s automotive content to these territories for the first time.

Worldwide MTV can now be received by a total of around 10 million subscribers in 38 countries across four continents according to the company.

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