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Cyber Defense: NCS competition recruits army against hackers

Cyber Defense: NCS competition recruits army against hackers

The Cyber Defence Competition organised by the Nigeria Computer Society (NCS) to develop a small army against hackers, has started this week.

The event, which is scheduled to take place at NAF Conference Centre, Kado, Abuja, will run till Thursday, July 21, 2016.

NCS, the umbrella organisation of Information Technology Professionals in Nigeria says “the goal is to energise university students to focus on the development of technical skills in the area of networking and cyber security that will help in preparations for exciting careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).”

Professor Aderounmu of OAU, who is also new President of NCS
Professor Aderounmu, President of Nigeria Computer Society, NCS

According to the technology group, at the event, participants will form teams that will be responsible for operating a small network while protecting the network infrastructure from Red Team (hacker) attacks.

The competition will score the teams for accomplishing administrative and business tasks while maintaining network/service availability (such as mail, database and web servers) as well as their ability to detect and respond to threats.

“Participants must be able to configure and protect their network as well as respond to business requests such as the addition or removal of services, and balance security needs against business needs,” NCS says.

According NCS, the cyber defense competition will be facilitated by Zachariah Tanko of the University of Washington, USA, during the 2016 NCS National Conference, which starts at same venue.

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