New entrant Blackberry Z10 records impressive Nigeria sales, phone retailers say

New entrant Blackberry Z10 records impressive Nigeria sales, phone retailers say



By Ibrahim Olukotun

Lagos. March 5, 2013: Phone dealers in the nation’s largest computer and allied products market, Ikeja Computer Village in Lagos say they have recorded an impressive sale of the iconic Blackberry Z10 Smartphone. 

, New entrant Blackberry Z10 records impressive Nigeria sales, phone retailers say, Technology Times
Catching the Blackberry Z10 buzz: Wole Abu, General Manager, Acquisitions, Airtel Nigeria (middle) presenting the BlackBerry Z10 from Airtel Nigeria to Richard Giwa-Osagie, Chairman of Ikoyi Club with Tunji Okesola, Entertainment Chairman, Ikoyi Club 1938, when the mobile phone company promoted sales of the smartphone to its subscribers in Nigeria

Some of the market players told Technology Times the high sales of the Smartphone that made its debut this year underscore the positive performance for the latest high end device from a Canadian company, Blackberry, formerly called Research in Motion (RIM).

Ikeja Computer Village, with over 5000 businesses selling technology and allied products and services plays a key role as a major destination for phone and device buyers in the country and across West Africa.

Some phone retailers say that since the debut of the Blackberry Z10 in the Nigerian phone market early this year, it has been enjoying huge patronage and tractions despite the high price from tech savvy phone users especially young upwardly mobile Nigerians.

The phone was selling between N185,000 and N140,000 within the first two weeks of launch but has now dropped to between N105,000 and N100,000. However, players in the market are optimistic that the price will drop further in the months to come.

When asked the reasons for such impressive sales, Alvin Ofoukwu, Sales Manager of Slot Limited says the phone interface is user-friendly and dynamic.

Slot is convinced that the pre-launch media buzz and publicity hype for the Smartphone was also responsible for the huge acceptance in the market by gadget lovers in the Nigerian market.

In his own reaction to the sales performance of the product, Ajetunmobi Solihu, a manager at Effect Network Tech Ltd, another major phone dealer in the market says that customers were attracted by the look and feel, especially the Operating System (OS 10).

When asked if the no keypad design of the product affects sales , he responded saying only those new to use of Smartphone will complain about such design.

“That is no problem at all. Those that are used to Smartphones will not see that as a barrier. In fact, that is the future of Smartphones. The truth of the matter is that the phone is moving fast in the market”, Solihu says.

For him, Blackberry Z10 is making waves in the market because most phone lovers want to be in the league of users of the latest Blackberry phone.

He is also optimistic about the growing patronage of the Smartphone soars as the prices drop was noted that when the phone was sold for N195, 000 the patronage was lean but swelled as the device price dropped to between N105,000 and N100,000.

Moses Rex, a phone dealer at Revive phone outlet, adds that by introducing a device with a front camera that facilitates video calling and chat makers of the Smartphone were able to cut this out with users as one of the strongest edges of the Blackberry Z10.

This is coupled with the relatively long lasting battery life compared to other models of Blackberry and the browser speed which is now extremely faster, he adds noted that the only complaint he got so far was on the design, which most buyers say is not sleek enough.

Meanwhile, Samsung retains the lead as the fastest selling Smartphones due to their relatively affordable price and their compatibility with different models compared to other brands.

Also, Nokia maintains its leading position in the low-end Smartphone segment.

According to phone dealers, ASHA and Lumia series remained the fastest moving low-end phones since last year describing the feat as unprecedented and incredible.

Advertising, New entrant Blackberry Z10 records impressive Nigeria sales, phone retailers say, Technology Times
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