NIRA: How Nigeria Internet domain names are sold

NIRA: How Nigeria Internet domain names are sold

NIRA: How Nigeria Internet domain names are sold


Nigeria Internet domain names are sold only through accreditted registrars to grow uptake of the online real estate, managers of the nation’s .ng ccTLD says.

Nigeria Internet Registration Association (NiRA), which serves as the Registry for the .ng Internet Domain Names and also maintains the database of names registered in the .ng ccTLD (country code Top Level Domain) clarified the sales model for local online real estate.

Nigeria Internet Domain Names 3R Business Model

Reverend Sunday Folayan, President of NIRA, says the body manages the domain name business by operating the 3 R (Registry/Registrar/Registrant) model of operations that ensures that Nigeria Internet domain names are registered only through NiRA Accredited Registrars.

NIRA says the adopted 3R model for registration of domain names in the .ng ccTLD has helped build a growing ecosystem of partners that drive uptake of Nigeria Internet domain name locally and across the globe.

“The implication of this is that NIRA does not handle the registration of domain names directly. Registrations can only be done through NIRA certified Registrars”, Folayan explains.

NIRA currently has 57 Certified Registrars, while applications are received from organsations who want to become NIRA Certified Registrars on a regular basis as “NIRA’s policy does not limit the number of certified Registrars”, Folayan says. The NIRA accreditation process is scheduled quarterly, according to the association.

“Registrars are certified by NIRA to facilitate the registration, transfer, renewal, and modification of registration data for customers that have, or are applying for, .ng domain names”, Folayan says.

NIRA: How Nigeria Internet domain names are sold
NIRA members in group photograph at the 8th AGM of the body

How Nigeria Internet Domain Names Registrars were appointed

According to NIRA, the Nigeria Internet Domain name manager made an initial call to interested companies both resident in Nigeria and in the Diaspora for pioneer registrar in April 2008.

“After a painstaking evaluation process by the Registrar Accreditation committee, the Executive Board approved the appointment of twenty-nine (29) Pioneer Registrars for the .ng Registry, at the various levels (Platinum,Gold, Silver, Standard) in October 2008. Subsequent accreditation processes took place in July and December 2009.”

The NIRA President believes that awareness must be created on all other sources of income generation using ICT (information and communication technology) “and we advocate the domestication of these ICT solutions.”

For him, NIRA as the registry for .ng ccTLD, continues to create awareness of and promulgate the .ng brand.

Nigeria Internet Domain Names as alternative source of revenue

“It is no longer news that Nigeria needs other sources of income and agriculture is not only the veritable source. Lots of income can be generated from IT related activities/businesses”, amid conversations about leveraging alternative income generation avenues for Nigeria at the eNigeria 2016 Conference held this week in Abuja.

“We have been severally informed of all possibilities that are abounding in IT related activities. One of these is the domain name business. The domain name business can be carried out by NiRA Accredited Registrars and their resellers. There are many ancillary businesses associated with the DNS industry”, Folayan says.

NIRA recently reported that Nigeria Internet Domain Name Registrations and Renewals at the Registry are on the increase on month per month basis and year per year basis.

NIRA: How Nigeria Internet domain names are sold
Nigeria Internet Domain Names Registration Table                                                                     Source: NIRA

The increase in domain name registration is more noticeable across the different years in comparison, according to the manager that says domain names registered and renewed in October 2016 (5,306) is more than the registration in October 2015 (3,450) and almost double the registration in October 2014 (2,717), NIRA says.

The Nigeria Internet domain name manager, NIRA, also released the underlisted Accreditted Registrars for the .ng ccTLD:


List of Nigeria Internet Domain Names Registrars

Damsat Systems Limited
Telephone+2348027338162, +2348023299505

Icecool contracts
Telephone+23412701423, +2348033787067

Websoft Nigeria Limited

QServers Network Limited

SADEEB Technologies Limited

Galaxy Backbone
61,Adetokunbo Ademola Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria


Oasis Management
Telephone+2347033555479, +2347037973801, +2348034023884

Telephone(415) 278-8400
Fax(415) 278-8444

NollyLand Direct Limited
Telephone+234 705 921 1111 +234 705 931 1111 +234 705 941 1111

Telephone+49 941 59559-0
Fax+49 941 59559-55

Integrated Broadband Nigeria Limited

Telephone+27110838382 Limited
Telephone+234-1-8409097, +2348033620641

Global Trend Limited(19jaWebhosting)
Telephone+234-1-8977043, +2348033076014, +2348033010036

Garanntor Hosting Limited

Ghotek Limited

Steineng Nigeria Limited
Telephone+234 8033084000, +234 8025016425

Komtemporary Komputers Limited
Telephone+2348058908100, +2347036399033

Netorb Media Limited
Telephone+234 (0) 8088374015, +2348162651221

Hill Consulting

Telephone+23470090009000, +2348035905422, +2348051897087, 073290952, 073291085, +23473291125

Slingshot Technologies Limited
Telephone+2348035250295, +2347034010502, +2347046334558

Trefoil Network Limited
Telephone+234 1- 4534207 , +234 1-6639002, +234 9-2908214
Fax+234 1 255-7663

Quantz Tech

Digital Fusion Limited

BB-Online UK Limited
Telephone+44 1582 572148

Linkserve Nigeria Limited

StreetTools (
Telephone+234014532650 (Ext: 102), +2348036600302

Telephone+23470022332233, +234-1-4538084

Telephone+65 6222 0105
Fax+65 6222 0210

Hannu Internet Corp. Pvt. Ltd
Telephone+91-96463-69965, +91-98769-23436

Telephone+33 1 80 82 82 60, +1 514 600-6124

Telephone+44 (0)1908 200022 ext. 252

McReal Online Networks Systems Limited
Telephone+23484741118, +234803735-1347, +2348034147446

Pinet Informatics Limited (Domain Direct)
Telephone+234-8035440209, +234-1-4707355, +234-1-7949159

Telephone+234 (09) 4602000-9

Cyberspace Network Limited

Signon Africa Limited
Telephone+23418112883, +2348085875109, +2348133140906, +2348033486535

Skannet (General Data Engineering Nigeria)
Telephone+2348028646672, +2348104039554, +2348022912202

Nigerianet communications limited
Telephone+2348056808078, +2348056808079

Blue Topaz Limited

Radix Domains

Syscomptech Limited
Telephone08122251555, 08060002562, 08038896064, 08183359954


United Domains AG

Telephone01-4735807, 01-8160482, 07028562758

Lufem Systems Limited
Telephone+2348055339313, +2347030751313, +234-1-2910953

Business Connexion ICT Services LTD
Telephone+234 (1) 4489060

Creotec Limited
Telephone+234 (0) 803 306 0191

Lexsynergy Limited
Telephone+27 (0)10 500 3913 ; +44 (0)20 313 70459 ; +1 858 225 1318

Technovation Associates Limited
Telephone+2348131913914 +2347055558141

Upperlink Limited
Telephone08035176618, 08057417825, 08033443357, 08180145994, 09096974051

Web Indices

Telephone+234 80 9186 3306

Infohub Technology Limited (Zamoonda)

Quality Information Limited

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