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Nokia Accenture Group to help businesses boost digital transition

Nokia Accenture Group to help businesses boost digital transition

Accenture and Nokia Corporation have set up the Nokia Accenture Business Group to help businesses transform into modern digital networks.

Such businesses include communication service providers (CSPs) and others to accelerate their transition to modern, software-defined digital networks with enormous operational efficiency and enhanced revenue streams.

In addition to helping CSPs to digitalise speedily, the Nokia Accenture Business Group will also develop, sell and deliver new industry products in five areas, comprising: Customer experience and analytics, network and business transformation, enterprise services for CSPs, software-defined data centre products for large enterprises powered by Nuage, as well as IP and digital products for mining, oil and gas industries.

Bernard Najm of Nokia Networks
Bernard Najm of Nokia Networks

The Nokia Accenture Group is an outcome of the September, 2014 acquisition of Alcatel-Lucent by Nokia and it is built on the successful model of the Accenture Alcatel-Lucent Business Group.

In its first and half year, the Accenture Alcatel-Lucent Group exceeded the goals of both parties and helped to achieve its ambitious development and commercial objectives.

Kathrin Buvac, Chief Strategy Officer at Nokia, says: “Today’s pace of technological change, driven by the transition to 5G, the Internet of Things and the cloud, is demanding extraordinary new capabilities from the network.

“Working with a strong, complementary partner like Accenture enables us to extend our reach to new customers and markets and to truly drive what we consider to be a transformational era in networking. Nokia has the global scale, innovation muscle and end-to-end portfolio to lead this change and, ultimately, to expand the human possibilities of the connected world.”

Mr Niyi Yusuf, Country MD of Accenture Nigeria speaking at the NIRA event
Mr Niyi Yusuf, Country MD of Accenture Nigeria speaking at a NIRA event

In addition, Bob Sell, Group Chief Executive of Accenture’s Communications, Media & Technology operating group, says: “We look forward to working with Nokia to help companies rapidly transition to modern digital networks. While software-defined networks provide great operational efficiency, even more importantly, they offer tremendous potential for developing new services and revenue streams.’’

Sell further explains, “This new business group which combines Nokia’s world-class technology with Accenture’s deep experience in building and monetizing modern networks will help fulfill the ever-increasing demand for broadband services over wireless networks.”

He concludes, “The collaboration is consistent with our strategy of working at the heart of the digital ecosystem and growing our network services to enable communications service providers to undergo the transformation they need to thrive.”

According to the companies, the group will combine Nokia’s leading IP networking software products and services with Accenture’s business services, technology consulting and transformation capabilities. The Nokia Accenture Business Group will develop sales and delivery capabilities focused on a combination of Nokia solutions and Accenture offerings.

Accenture will be Nokia’s ally to complement its software integration and network services and Nokia will be the preferred provider of the customer experience, SDN and network services and solutions that Accenture provides to its clients.



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