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‘Parents lose money, data due to online activities of children’

‘Parents lose money, data due to online activities of children’

The report of a new survey conducted by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International shows that 21 percent of participants have lost either money or important information as a result of their children’s online activity.

The report titled “Kaspersky Lab 2014 Consumer Security Risks Survey” revealed that only 23 percent of surveyed parents use specialised software to regulate their children’s activities online.

The survey found that 12 percent of respondents said their children have accidentally deleted important information, while 6 percent faced unexpected bills from app stores after their children got online.

Assessing the extent to which parents monitor their children’s online activities, the survey disclosed that 39 percent personally control how their children use devices and 13 percent asked their Internet provider to block access to certain sites.

Moreover, 38 percent of parents regularly remind their children about the dangers of the Internet while 19 percent opted to befriend their children on social networks.

Konstantin Ignatev, Web Content Analysts Group Manager, Kaspersky Lab says “When parents think of their children spending time online, their first concern is to protect them from unwanted content on the web. However, there is another important aspect that should not be forgotten, and that is the problems kids may cause for their parents. Applying parental control is not showing distrust to your child; it’s a sensible precaution with which you can, among other things, protect your device and the data on it.”

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