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PFS named Best Financial Software provider at Cyber Africa Awards

PFS named Best Financial Software provider at Cyber Africa Awards


Precise Financial Systems (PSF), an indigenous software maker in Nigeria has been named the winner of the Best Financial Software Solution Provider at the Cyber Africa Innovation Award held recently in Lagos.

Also nominated in the same category are Paga, Nigeria’s leading mobile money carrier and SystemSpecs, Nigeria’s software powerhouse.

Cyber Africa Innovation Awards is a biannual event that celebrates and recognizes the achievements of young people, organizations, entrepreneurs and governments using technology to drive the continent’s digital inclusion.

Cyber Africa Innovation Award formerly known as the Africa Information Society Merit Award is a showcase of the very best innovation in science, technology, the ICT and enterprise.

The Nigerian software company was honoured for its innovative solutions running thousands of computers, serving numerous clients in Nigeria and 27 other countries in Africa, according to the judged.

“The company’s cutting edge environmentally-friendly software technologies include an integrated account reconciliation solution, cheque and e-payment processing, security and remittance solution as well as send-to-end outward and inward cheque clearing solutions”, according to a citation on PFS.

Others PFS solutions include cheque MICRisation and personalisation solution, banking and finance solution, bonds and financial derivatives trading and monitoring solution, bureau de change solution; cooperative societies solution, stock brokering solution; billing and revenue collection solution.

It also plays in the area of card issuance and monitoring systems, self-service cheque, cash and card deposit with withdrawal solution, pension remittance monitoring solution, project appraisal and monitoring solution. Through these ingenious solutions, PFS has successfully positioned itself as a foremost force in the financial software development space of the nation.

PFS holds numerous registered and unregistered product trademarks to her credit, such as the Clirec, iTeller, Payit, Checklognax, Bonds, Coop Manager, card factory, Pensol, Applause, Appraise, Symphony. These innovative and simple solutions serve several financial and non-financial organisations including the banks, federal and state parastatals, insurance companies, oil and gas companies, telecommunications and IT companies, stock brokering firms, bureau de change firms, manufacturing companies, airlines, hotels, health management organisations, logistics firms, among others.

Over the years, PFS has worked with many agencies and partners to deliver financial software services to her teaming clients. These partners include Microsoft Corporation, Ernst Reiner Gmbh & Co. KG, Germany, Arit of Africa, and International Marketing Partners. PFS is also a member of the Presidential Initiative for development of the software industry in Nigeria and a member of the Central Bank of Nigeria working group on Automated Clearing House and Cheque Truncation. The company has been ostensibly recognised recently in 2010 at the fourth IT Edge West Africa Convergence Forum as the Innovative Leader in Financial Software Solution and as fourth of the top 50 West African IT companies.



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