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Whogohost hosts Make Money Online SME Clinic at Computer Village Expo 2019

Web hosting giant, Whogohost, has announced its sponsorship of the Make Money Online SME Clinic at the Computer Village Expo 2019, where there would be discussions on ways their products can help businesses make money online.  Computer Village Expo 2019 holding December 10-14 at the Haven Events Centre, Ikeja GRA, Lagos on the theme, “A […]

Local know-how ‘will drive uptake of Cloud services’

Adeduntan: FirstBank is reducing poverty, deepening financial inclusion through its 31,000 agent network

In its quest to deepen financial inclusion, FirstBank is channelling its resources to reach those at the bottom of the pyramid through its agency banking. The tie-one bank has over 31,000 agents spread across Nigeria with 9,000 assigned to provide financial services to the highly excluded Northern region. According to Adesola Adeduntan, the MD/CEO, First […]

Local know-how ‘will drive uptake of Cloud services’

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