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Siemens, Huawei completes key LTE test

Siemens, Huawei completes key LTE test

Huawei and Siemens say that Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) over Long Term Evolution (LTE), joint solution validation on which both companies collaborated, passed the interoperability testing in France at the end of 2015.

Long Term Evolution (LTE) allows multiple types of train control service to be carried out with one radio technology and meets the requirements of safe operation, agile dispatch, and convenient transport among others.

According to a statement by the two companies, during the testing, multiple types of services, including CBTC, Passenger Information System (PIS), and Closed-circuit Television (CCTV), were carried using one radio technology – LTE, laying a solid foundation for commercial rollout of CBTC over LTE service.

The testing significantly accelerates the progress towards a commercial rollout of CBTC over LTE service, the companies say.


The collaboration between Huawei and Siemens started in March 2015, when the two companies discussed technical solutions and confirmed preliminary plans and schedule for cooperation in Huawei’s Shanghai-based wireless R&D center.

In June 2015, the two companies set up a joint project plan, and a project team defining solution architecture and feasibility of testing in France.

The statement says that “Siemens as world leader in CBTC developed an IP-based, secure and reliable continuous bi-directional track to train data communication which is a fundamental requirement of a CBTC system.’’

“To meet the requirements of railway customers and passengers for safe operation, agile dispatch, and convenient transport, Huawei has developed the urban rail LTE-M solution based on 3GPP standards, provides a secure, reliable, open, and stable wireless platform for urban rail train-to-ground communication.’’ The statement said.

The platform carries as well critical service CBTC to ensure safe train operation, and aside that, it also provides trunking voice dispatch and broadband data services, such as real-time PIS and CCTV, to enable refined operation of urban rail service.

Huawei says as a major LTE solution vendor in the urban rail sector, it has gained wide recognition for its urban rail LTE-M solution. The company also says it is willing to work with Siemens and customers to promote the development of urban rail LTE-M solutions to facilitate the smooth transition of train-to-ground communication into the LTE era in the future.

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